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Press release Four indie editorials will publish books from self-published Spanish writers

Press release: Four indie editorials will publish books from self-published Spanish writers

Spanish speakers has a new a social publishing community called entreescritores.com owes gratitude to the readers whose reviews have influenced four indie publishers to select five books for publication from self-published authors.

  • Self-publishing in Spanish has become the best choice for new writers who can see their book published and gets reviews. The Internet has become the ideal means to connect Spanish authors and readers from USA, Latin America and Spain. This phenomenon has caught the attention of interested publishers who can now select works that interest them after seeing the acceptance received in a digital format.

The best endorsement of this means of publication is the decision of the publishers Tropo, Letra Clara, Mandala, and Gaumin to publish the works of four authors who have released their work on the online platform EntreEscritores.com, which previously had been read and commented on by hundreds of readers. After a review of published books and comments from readers, these four publishers have realized the dreams of the four authors, all of Spanish nationality, who have seen their works published this year. Three additional publishers, Serbal, Club Editor and Salto de pagina, have also published works in a similar fashion.

The published works from Entreescritores.com have received several accolades.  The book “Lo que el tiempo no cura” Ana Casado was recognized as the best work of an author under 30 by Letra Clara, while “El alma sobre la mesa” by the same author, and “De puertas adentro” José Manuel Vivas, have been selected as the best poetry books in Spanish by Ediciones Mandala. The other works chosen are “Perros en la Atlantida ” Oscar Bribián, recognized as the best novel in Spanish as Tropo Publishers, and “Mezua” by Arman Izahuri as best novel in Basque by Gaumin.

It is the first initiative open to collaboration with independent publishers, who are showing interest in the opportunity of giving visibility to their books and new forms of open relationship between authors and readers. “We want to be a space where independent publishers can make themselves known, show their publications and discover talent. Self publishing and publishers are not enemies” said Idoia Soto, one of the project leaders.

More information: bit.ly/Rx7sly


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Four indie editorials will publish books from self-published Spanish writers

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